CONSULTING : We offer consulting services for the development of architectures of control andautomation for treatment plants of water, potable and wastewater, in food and beverage industries,etc.
SYSTEM INTEGRATION: We integrate with well recognized manufacturers in the automation industry.Our main focus is developing SCADA systems and control based in PLC and PAC for water treatmentplants both, potable and wastewater; chemical dosification systems in the treatment of water andthe control of the washing and filtering.integration of systems in the industry of cement, food and beverage,temperature control in cold rooms.
ASSEMBLY OF MCC: We have the whole expertise in the assembly of motors control center forany kind of industry;from very small panels to the design and set- up of the panels combined with control systems.Preparation of armed force and control boards
QUALITY OF ENERGY: We offer the service for analize the energy quality in the energy plants ofour clients, parameters as ups and downs of voltage- electric current, trasients, current-voltageunbalance,harmonics, power factor, etc. Providing a report with the analysis to our customers andrecommendations for improvements.
Developing of electrical and control drawings.
ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: Electrical installation services of machinery and commercial electricity.
CONSTANT PRESSURE SYSTEM: We have a constant control system of water, which extends the usefull life of your pump system, saves energy and maintains water pressure constant on your system or production line. Specified of 1 to 5 pumps and is also functional for fan systems.